December 3, 2006

dentalmaking.jpgBPKIHS(BP KOIRALA INSTITUE OF HEALTH SCIENCE) is a soley institue in nepal which has so much infra structure and structured programme , it is situated in the sunsari distric of nepal,country of bhuddha and mount everest.this instiute is established in 1993 with great help of prime minister grijaprasad koirala and is named after bp koirala.
it is the one of the institue which is recommended by the WHO, it has great hand for maintaining the health status of eastern region of nepal. in this institue people from different states come to study MBBS ,BDS etc and here so many categories are to study.it is a indo-nepal project so indial students are many in number next to nepali students .
it has about 700 beda so many wards for diiferent department and vetaran doctor from different parts of the world and from same institue.



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December 2, 2006

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